Week in Review

In the hectic pace of everyday life, we are not always aware of our true feelings and thoughts about what is going on around us. So today we invite you to sit down, open a notepad, a note-taking app on your phone or any other method of note-taking that suits you, and take stock of what you've experienced this week. ✍️

What valuable and exciting things happened this week? Here are the questions for the event recap:

✨ What are you most grateful for this week?
✨What did you manage to do this week?
✨What was my favourite moment of the week?
✨What new things did I learn or study this week?
✨What are my plans for the week ahead?

Why do we want to accentuate the positive? 🙏It is often the negative emotions that bring out the strongest emotions in us, they tend to take over even unwittingly. Today we are here to let you discover new ways to change the way you think and help you create a more conscious everyday life. 🥰

We hope you'll try this method! Have a great weekend! 🌙
Week in Review
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