The power of natural crystals

What makes natural crystals so special? This is a question that does not have only one correct answer!

First of all, it should be emphasized that nature itself has created them special - they are unique in their color ranges, sizes and shapes. If you own a crystal, you can be sure that the way it looks is unique and there is no other stone looking exactly like yours.

However, crystals are mainly associated with their healing properties. They can stimulate, suppress or harmonize chakras. Each type of stone has its own characteristics. For example, rose quartz stimulates the heart chakra, while amethyst stimulates the third eye chakra.

Here are some ways to use them:
  • To achieve the intention
  • For meditation In rituals
  • To change energy.
On daily bases you can simply use crystal energy by holding it in your palm, carrying them ir pocket or bag, adding as par of jewelry or placing crystal in other convenient place near to you.
The power of natural crystals
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